NEK-CAP, Inc. Financial Audit & Other Financial Services RFP for 4/1/2019-3/31/2020 Fiscal Year

Bids due no later than 1:00 pm CDT March 13, 2020

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Any questions, please contact Robert Grissom, CFO with NEK-CAP, Inc. 785-288-1293 or rgrissom@nekcap.org


NEK-CAP, INC. desires to receive quotes for the purchase of three (3) new 2019 or 2020 minivan under $25,000 and meeting the following specifications:

• 2019-2020 model year
• Will accept bids for New Vehicles and/or Program Vehicle 20,000 miles or less
• 7 Passenger Minivan
• Front wheel drive
• Automatic transmission
• Automatic Headlights
• Automatic windows and automatic door locks
• Automatic mirror controls
• Rear Window Defroster
• Adjustable Steering Wheel
• Keyless entry
• AM/FM stereo or similar package
• Cruise Control
• Air conditioning and heat
• Free of hail or other damage
• Spare Tire / Jack
• Must be in dealer stock or be able to deliver before 3/31/2020

The final number of vehicles purchased will depend up funding availability, funder approval and ultimately purchase price. NEK-CAP, Inc. is a 501(C)(3) company and this will be for Head Start and Early Head Start, so it will be non-taxable.

Any questions, please contact Heather Williams, Purchasing Agent/Board Assistant with NEK-CAP, Inc. 785-742-2222 ext. 157 or hwilliams@nekcap.org or Scott Sisk, Transportation Coordinator with NEK-CAP, Inc. 785-288-0005 or ssisk@nekcap.org.

Quotes due back to Heather by February 24, 2020 via email hwilliams@nekcap.org or mail to: NEK-CAP, Inc. Attn: Heather Williams P.O. Box 380 Hiawatha, KS 66434

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